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The Green Spring Valley Hunt Club was organized in 1892 to promote the very popular sport of fox-hunting. The kennels of the Hounds, which were used in the chase, were kept on the original tract of land for many years but, as more space was needed, they were moved to the Worthington Valley. This branch of the Club became known as the “Upper Club.” Several dozen of the Hunting Members still participate in the thrice-weekly hunts during the late fall and winter.

Tennis and Golf are now the primary activities at the “Lower Club” in the Green Spring Valley. Many of the present members are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original eighty members.

Construction of the Golf Course began in 1912 when members Thomas Bowles and Hooper Coyne gave the club $4,500.00 to acquire the land and build a 9 hole course. Laid out by members Ben Read and Robert Harrison who supervised its construction, the course was opened for play on Saturday, July 4, 1914. In 1930, the original 4th hole was eliminated and numbers one and eighteen were added. Two through nine were played twice to complete a round of 18. In 1957, under the leadership of Lawrason Riggs and Jess W. Sweetser, Robert Trent Jones redesigned the course by eliminating one hole and adding nine new ones to complete a full 18 hole course, 6574 yards long from blue tees and 6,164 yards from whites.



Club Premises
*Appropriate attire must be worn by members and their guests at all times while on Club property.  Examples of unacceptable clothing include, but are not limited to, cut-offs, tank tops, short shorts and t-shirts.  Denim garments, of any color, are not permitted anywhere on Club premises.
*Headgear to be worn bill forward; when entering the Clubhouse, all headgear should be removed except in the locker rooms.
*Shower-type flip flops are not permitted except in shower areas and on the pool deck; open-toed sandals and shoes for gentlemen are not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the terrace or golf course.

Upstairs Dining Room:
Coats and ties for men and appropriate dress for women.  This is interpreted to include designer slacks.

Grill Room:
*Before 7:00 p.m.:  Casual dress including turtlenecks, golf and tennis attire allowed.  NO swimming attire.
*After 7:00 p.m.: Fridays and Saturdays - Jackets required for gentlemen aged 14 and over.  Other evenings, jackets preferred.  Smart casual (trousers and dress shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters) for men acceptable.  Comparable attire for ladies.

*Casual dress including turtlenecks, golf and tennis attire acceptable.
*Jackets encouraged for men after 7:00 p.m.

Proper golf attire required as follows: Men are to wear appropriate golf slacks or shorts of Bermuda length (defined as extending to the top of the knee but not below it) and shirts with collars. “Mock turtleneck” shirts are not permitted.
Shirts are to be tucked in and headgear must be worn bill forward.
 Women are to wear appropriate golf slacks, skirts, culottes or shorts of Bermuda length.  Collared shirts with or without sleeves, and collarless shirts with sleeves are acceptable for women.
Children should follow the same guidelines as above.


Proper tennis attire is defined as ALL WHITE. Narrow piping on the edge of one’s shirt, blouse, vest, skirt, or shorts will be permitted.  All players, including children, must wear tennis shoes.  Gentlemen must wear collared shirts and not t-shirts. Children will be allowed to wear all white t-shirts as long as they do not have large logos on them.  The following items are not appropriate: running shoes, cross-trainers, jogging shoes, basketball shoes, street shoes of any kind, bathing suits, colored clothing including hats.  Shirts must be tucked in and worn at all times. White headgear may be worn facing forward.
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